A breif history of the last twenty years in industry and education

A little about me

After completing a degree in Design Communication, I worked for a marketing company that represented blue chip clients such as Jaguar, McVities, Ricoh, Huskey Computers and Elizabeth Arden.

Working to strict branding guidelines, I was responsible for staging design, speaker support, and product launches. This was an important stage of development in my design skills, as I had always worked more freely in education, blue-chip companies have very strict brand guidelines, emphasis was focussed purely on detail, communicating key branding cues, already familiar in the public domain, reinforcing their brand, and market presence.

These aspects are crucial for start-ups, I apply the same process, ensuring a project get's the best possible start.

My preference is to discuss with the client, to research, and work experimentally, then focus on key points of a project or brief, this process is core to how I work, and something I advocated in my three years as an art and design lecturer.

Discussion and working expressively enables greater variety of solutions to a brief, giving the final outcome depth and presence. I often hear it said that initial ideas are the strongest, this in some cases can be true, but they often lose traction, in several months can feel flat, and you're back to square one, purely because the process didn't go through the considered steps, providing far more impact.


In 2010 I set up the StripyEye brand to represent myself, I've continued to work freelance in the charity sector, and for large-scale design houses, the latter being predominantly POSD (Point of Sale Display), cosmetic branding descriptions for department stores, such as Debenhams, pharmacies such as Boots, and supermarket’s such as Morrisons.

My experience of dealing with clients on a one-to-one basis means I can offer a far more personal service, I seek to build and maintaining good working relationships, this to me is a key part for creating good work. My approach is always to remain playful, and excited about the the work I create, this is the reward, and as such, I endeavour to present ideas that visualise the potential for your project.


As mentioned above I have a BA Hons in Design and communication, after some industrial experience, I completed a Master's in Industrial Design and Communication, during which I continued both lecturing and freelancing in graphic design.

Franco Tabbuso