Netcom School of Business Management

Branding and Stationery
Branding and Identity

A group of business lecturers set up their own private business training school requiring a logo, stationery and eventually a website. In our initial consultation phase we discussed the schools vision, objectives and core principles. From these discussions I created several options dealing with three key areas, growth, connection/nurture and achievement. The following logo was chosen for its subsequent qualities;

  • soft curves, reflecting friendly openness
  • connectedness by joining the ’T’ and 'S’
  • goals and achievement using a target with arrow embodying both

During the brand creation process it was discovered that NSBM was already in use therefore the client changed it’s name to NETSBM. This didn’t impact the form of the original finalised logo to any great degree, adding the ‘net’ allowed for clearer distinction in the company name.

netsbm letterhead

After the logo was finalised I created a letterhead and business card design. Initially starting with the business card, as these needed to be printed first. A number of layout experiments took place, concluding with having the logo ranged to the left, with faded target and contact information ranged right and below.

The finalised version of the letterhead placed the logo to the left, purposely where a DL envelope window sits, giving space for correspondence, and saving money on brand printed envelopes. The business address was separated from the logo, sitting above the DL fold line to the right, providing the logo with space and prominence, whilst maintaining brand consistency with the business card.

netsbm business card

NETSBM Website

A website was created using the Joomla CMS, giving the staff access to administrate content. This was done to allow for fast changing curriculum content the staff could update without relying on a web developer.

We were very pleased with with our branding, giving us marketing tools to promote our business was extremely useful. It gave us confidence in what we wanted to achieve and who we wanted to target.

Client response

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