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Branding, Stationery and Livery case study
Branding and Identity
Knightwolf logo

After working 25 years as a plumber for a housing association, Matthew Knight, a qualified gas plumber based in Wolverhampton, decided it was time to break free and go it alone. He contacted me regarding promotion, branding and set up advice for his new venture.

As Matthew is a devoted Wolverhampton Wanderers (Wolves) football fan, he came up with the name Knightwolf, which I thought was very appropriate. After some discussion on style and direction, I created a number of different logos both icon and text based; the final combination being as above. Using a variation on black and old gold (Wolves colours), along with the Roboto font-family, gives the logo a clear bold form, indicating stability, experience and reliance. Aspects which Matthew wanted to promote.


Once the logo was created, I began working on stationery. Matthew was planning on using them as his primary mode of publicity, along with social media. The business card was the first piece of stationery to be laid out, from which other items would follow. I created a layout that highlighted, first company name and service, then contact details, giving the phone number singular importance.

The business card reverse side used the gold colour, and water mark as distinguishing features. A DL sized flier was created acting as both a marketing tool and compliment slip; key services needed to be included, along with experience and operational expertise.

Using the wolf head as watermark continued on the letterhead and invoice pad. It was necessary for Matthew to have a carbon pad, a digital pdf version, and word template of both items, this gave him flexibility for invoicing. The layout followed on from the business card, maintaining the corner positions for information.

Van Livery
Van Livery

The last implementation of the logo was to be van livery, this worked as mobile advertising. Taken from the business card layout, I made the phone number a prominent feature, considering both driver and walker eye-line, allowing potential clients to easily note down or grab with a phone. Key aspects were distinguishing the logo and contact information, giving it visual reference.

Franco produced a brilliant logo and stationery items for me, with the van graphics being my favourite aspect. I still get comments from customers about how impressive it looks against my van. The van graphics alone provided me with a good number of regular customers.

Client response

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