Go Festival

Logo and print case study
Branding and Identity

A long standing client involved in a festival aimed at charity workers and missions asked me to create a logo, banners, programme and website layout for the upcoming festival. The festival sees over 2000 people attending the weekend event.

The concept was to convey the idea of a network, working in collaboration with an international focus. It had to be clear, bold, and modular, using ‘GO’ as a starting point for associated words to replace ‘FEST’.

The outcome was to use a globe with the idea of a network encased inside. The issue of adapting words was achieved by connecting them to the globe, metaphorically expanding the network.

Following the logo, focus moved to other visuals. Advertising was to be done in a number of ways, using social media, trade magazine adverts, and radio adverts.

The following items were used in these areas, an A4 full page advert, which doubled as an A2 poster, an A6 advert for other publications, and social media banners and email banners. Finally a roll banner design for the event itself, along with large vinyl banners for areas of the venue. Below is a selection of these items.

Magazine Advert
Gofest Advert Email Header
Gofest email Twitter Header
Gofest Twitter

Roll banner

The last element was the programme for the festival. Following on from the logo and advert layouts, utilising the globe and colour definitions to connect with the branding. Packed full of information and profiles, along with a timetable and venue map.


Franco was always a pleasure to work with. He is a skilled designer and his flexible, accommodating approach to his work and to us as a client made it possible to achieve a high standard in all our projects.

Client response

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