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Branding and packaging case study
Branding and Identity

I was approached by Dr Choudhry, a neurologist based in Florida, to help him launch a new range of food supplements, initially aimed at an older demographic. As we discussed the concept, it soon became clear this should expand into all age groups. Therefore he decided to create a range targeted to specific supplement areas, being lifestyle, sports and food.

The idea was to create a modern brand that could accommodate these areas. Creating a family of products set up for future expansion into varied supplements, pills, powders and shakes. This required a wider strategic approach, that eventually would encompass a network of professionals offering nutritional and exercise advice.

drc logo

Initially we began discussing the style and feel of the brand. Investigating products and companies operating in the sector, identifying the market position to aim for. Adapting our ideas to create something that had distinction.

Providing a holistic design that could be adapted across the range, allowing flexibility for a future expanding product line. The logo became a base from which the packaging designs evolved.

Expansion would come in phases, phase one being three areas of powder protein supplements. The impact for an already congested market needed to be significant for product line expansion to occur. Emphasis was steered towards having families of products with strong branding. This is reflected in the packaging ideas, using the logo as a catalyst to identify each product range.

Two design ideas were born out this discussion, one focussed on having brighter elements, heavily utilising imagery (right), the other (top) was to emphasise the logo.

The concept for powder pouches makes use of the logo as a centrepiece, emphasised by coloured backgrounds. The sports supplement family particularly uses the motif to emphasise each supplements differences, encompassing the product name, echoing the logo. The dietary supplements also follow this line by using a natural paper finish and thin typography, visually appropriating the dietary nature of the product.

Following powder products the next phase was to develop a series of concepts for pill based supplements. The bottle shape was a stock form to keep cost down, the design was adapted accordingly for this shape.

The sports pill containers were a concept, illustrating the potential to differentiate the branding into this subcategory.

We initially needed a website and packaging aimed at an older demographic. Franco helped us understand the potential for these products went beyond our initial thoughts. He helped us develop a strong visual brand, accessible to a wider audience by creating eye-catching contemporary packaging.

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