A breif history of the last twenty years in industry and education

A little about me

After completing a degree in design communication, I worked for a marketing company that represented blue chip clients such as Jaguar, McVities, Ricoh, Huskey Computers and Elizabeth Arden. My brief was to design staging, speaker support, and graphics for product launches, working to strict branding guidelines. This was an important stage of development in my design skills, as I had always worked far more freely in education. Having worked with such clients it gave me a specific focus on the design outcome, in order to communicate a brands established market presence.

However my preferred methods of working remained more artistic, which subsequently lead me to lecturing part-time in art and design, and further post-graduate study in industrial design and communication. After which I continued both lecturing and freelanceing in graphic design for charity based organisations, which whilst still adhering to brand guidelines allowed greater freedom of expression, giving rise to pragmatic and unique works.

I've continued working for charities and small organisations on a freelance basis since 2010, when I set up the StripyEye brand to represent myself, this has lead me to develop and hone not only my design skills, but also in building and maintaining good working relationships. My approach is always to remain playful and excited about the artwork I create, it's enjoyable and rewarding to work in a creative capacity, and as such, I endeavour to create ideas that visualise the potential for your project or services.

Francesco Tabbuso